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This tool is a security program to protect the computer
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StormShield is a security program that helps users protect their computer against attacks of different types of viruses. The application provides three main features - Vulnerability protection, Keylogging protection, and Registry protection - all gathered in a Security Center window.

Users can count on the “Vulnerability protection” feature when they have to install a new application: this option can block data execution of a program if presence of a malicious code is discovered. Along with stopping the setup process, a pop-up window appears on the screen to warn you about this situation.

The “Keylogging Protection” module may help you when you suspect the presence of a keylogger program on your computer. It’s up to you whether you accept or deny its access for good. You should pay attention to the alert window, which is displayed if you don’t want your keystrokes to be recorded.

Viruses can make serious damages to the operating system when they make modifications in the system registry. Thanks to the “Registry protection” feature, this thing is less likely to happen, as you receive a notification whether to continue or not the installation of a possibly malware program.

You are also allowed to adjust the settings of each protection category, which means that you can add programs or folders to the Whitelist or Blacklist panes. The naming of these panes is clear enough for you to understand that the Whitelist comprises programs considered to be trusted, and thus they will pass StormShield’s supervision, while the Blacklist contains programs you don’t trust, and thus they will be blocked by the app.

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  • It is a free version
  • It is based on an intelligent detection mechanism that provides strong protection


  • The program requires at least 10 MB of free hard disk space
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